A life with dignity for vulnerable girls and women
To help vulnerable girls and women uplift and positively change their lives by giving them access to education, skills training and support services.

Shilpa Children’s Trust
Established in 1987
Ministry of Social Welfare Registration: FL 123111

Shilpa Children’s Trust was founded in 1987, at the height of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. Girls who lost their homes and some family members due to terrorism were given a chance to rebuild their life in a safe and loving home. They received a good education and skills training. Twenty five years on, Shilpa has grown tremendously while staying true to its origins. In 2001, a tiny, shabby building which housed 25 girls was transformed into a beautifully designed space to accommodate more girls. The Tsunami disaster of December 2004 added another dimension to Shilpa, with rehabilitation programmes in Hambantota and Kalutara helping approximately 300 affected children, their caregivers and thousands of people in the community.

Education and skills training is of primary importance to us. We all know that children and women born into poverty face an uncertain future and fall into the same trap of poverty as their mothers before them. The word “Shilpa”, translated as education and skills, emphasises our desire to give our girls the support they need to rebuild their lives. Without this support the children will emerge into the adult world unqualified for anything other than the most menial and lowest paid jobs.

It is a proven fact that as long as women are considered uneqal to men, they will be subject to many types of abuse and violence. Hence Shilpa has a vested interest in providing a good education and skills training for all the girls who reside with us. We are proud of giving a helping hand to many girls who now trained and employed in various spheres such in the travel industry, advertising, accountancy, graphics , nursing and teaching. We thank our many supporters for helping us by donations and volunteer work.We look forward to maintaining excellent standards and developing further the activities of the Trust.

Shilpa Child Development Center

The Children’s Home provides residential facilities to thirty girls. The home has two dormitories, study and recreational rooms, a library, an administrative office and a computer room. The spacious, airy building provides a comfortable and safe haven for the girls. A tiny, beautifully kept garden also enhances the home.

The residence was newly built in 2000 with funding from International Childcare Trust, UK and the European Union…  Read more